Letter From Our Pastor

SteveStagePeople liked Jesus so they should like His church too!
I see a church that is so attractive to people that they WANT to be a part of it!

Jesus accepted people that others found unacceptable.
I see a church that is so accepting of others that NO ONE can resist it!

Jesus spoke in a way that others could understand.
I see a church that communicates timeless truths in a way that is engaging and actually helpful!

Jesus met practical needs. I see a church that cares so much for people that it is moved to help the hurting, and marginalized in practical ways!

Jesus came to serve. I see a church full of people who see their gifts and talents and resources as gifts from God to be shared for the benefit of others.

Jesus was a giver. I see a church that truly believes that you can’t outgive God and looks for opportunities to prove it through crazy generosity!

Jesus came for the lost. I see a church that exists for the benefit of those who don’t know God!

Our cities don’t need another church, but we think it does need a different kind of church! We want to be that!¬†We want to be Jesus’ hands and feet in our community.

Hope to see you soon!

Steve Pyle, Senior Pastor