A Second Chance

This is the smile of a girl who has been given a second chance at life.  A smile filled wit hope, love, and joy.  Just a year before this picture was taken, this young girl had very little hope.  She was in severe pain and here chances of survival were slim.  And then our medical team arrived in her village. 

She had suffered from a severe laceration on her leg and without the availability of medical supplies, it had become infected.  There was no other option than to operate.  She was carried to a place with a little more privacy and without anesthesia, our lead doctor, Dr. Bobby Noonan,  cut into her leg and removed the infection.  She was left with antibiotics and prayer but there was no way of checking back up on her until our team could travel to her village the next year.

This year, we visited the same crowded church building where hundreds of people gathered to get their once a year medical attention from our team. Amongst the crowd, we saw this smiling face.  Not only had her life been saved, but so had her leg.  As she sat and watched the same man that saved her a year before do check ups on the members of her family, she was glowing.  This was the man that saved her life.  This was the group of people that had brought her and her village much needed medication and food each year.  Her smile was radiant.

This is just one story of hope that shows the impact that our medical team can have.  This year alone our team saw over 1,000 people.  For most of the people that they saw, this is the only chance they have each year to get any kind of medical treatment and medication.