An Unexpected Family

When you think about an orphanage, ‘family’ is probably not the first word that comes to mind.  However, at the Shadow of His Wings Orphanage in Guatemala, family is exactly what you will find.  While a handful of kids have siblings with them, most of these kids are on their own.  There are many reasons why a kid would end up at the orphanage, but they all arrive needing the same thing, family.  

Shadow of His Wings is not set up the way you would expect.  Inside the orphanage, there are separate houses, or casas, that the kids are divided into.  Each casa has house parents and is modeled after a traditional family as best they can.  The kids refer to their house mates as their ‘hermanos’ or ‘hermanas’ (brothers or sisters).  For many of these kids, this is the first family they have known.

The bond within these families is strong.  There is genuine love displayed between the kids.  The age of the kids in each casa varies and it is common to see the older kids helping to look after the younger kids.  They eat together, work together, and play together as a family.  But most importantly, they love each other, and that makes them family.

We support Shadow of His Wings Orphanage by raising financial support and sending mission teams over to help with needs, share the gospel and love on the children. If you are interested in supporting this ministry or attending our next mission trip in November, please contact our local office, 479.967.4810.