Beyond Connecting

The mission we would like to recognize this week is the mission of community service through our connect groups.  Some people may think being in a connect group is just a time to connect with others and not do life alone, but most Journey Connect Groups take that a step further and pool their resources to help meet needs. Whether it be their time, money or love, these groups are more than willing to give it when someone needs it. The following are just a few of the many ways our connect groups have made their community their mission.

Free labor to fix vehicle or home repairs.
Working at the Battered Women’s Shelter to maintain their playground.
Pooling money from group members to meet a need such a family who suffered from a house fire, or a single dad in need of things for his kids.
Free childcare assistance.
Yard work for the Elderly.
Cleaning and Organizing DHS Closet.
Preparing meals for EMS, Nurses and Doctors.
Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.
Volunteering at Helping Hands.
Tutoring Children.
Singing at retirement home.
Volunteering to work concession at ballgames.
Relay for Life.
There is a group planning on cooking meals for a RussBuss event coming soon “The RussBuss Health Fair” and a group preparing to start offering childcare for foster parents to have a night out.  If your group would like to be involved in the community or you would like to be involved in a group, please let us know by visiting our connect groups tab on our website, filling out a connection card and dropping it into the offering plate or just call your local campus.
The point is that we may single out larger organizations as our missions, but the heart of missions is in our DNA and flows out through a variety of opportunities to meet needs and love people all around us.