Growth Track

Growth Track meets every Sunday @ 10am


Russellville – On Campus in Growth Track Room by the Cafe

Clarksville – On Campus in Growth Track Room next to JKIDS

Dardanelle – Off Campus at 1403 Poplar St. Dardanelle, AR


Whether you are new to the church or you are a regular Journeyer, growth track classes are designed to connect you to Journey Church providing clear and simple material that will challenge you to go further in your faith. These month-long sessions take place in 4 steps, Follow, Connect, Discover, and Make a Difference. We understand that life is busy, and that you might not be able to attend all four weeks in a row. You can attend the events in any order that works for your schedule, so jump in at any time.

Follow (Step 1)

God desires a personal relationship with each and every one of us. During Follow you will learn about who God is, what he has done for us, and his hope for our lives. We will go over basic foundations of faith and how you can grow in your walk with Christ. If you are ready to take your next step join us the first Sunday of each month for Follow.

Connect (Step 2)

God’s plan for the Church is to be the hope of the world. In Step 2, Connect, you will learn about the purpose of the church, and how God desired for us to share this hope with everyone around us. Jesus left us with a great commission, so in Connect we will learn how to be a light in our Cities, our Nation, and in the World. Life change happens when we are in relationship with others. During Connect we will learn that you can’t do life alone and that Connect Groups are a great way to strengthen your faith and relationship with Christ. Connect will be available the second Sunday of every month.

Discover (Step 3)

Everything was made for a specific purpose and so were you. To find your purpose join us for Discover. During Discover you will take an in-depth personality profile and spiritual gifts assessment. With this you will be able to find out the exact reason you were created because everything works better when it’s used for its exact purpose, and you are no different. Discover will be available the third Sunday of every month.

Make a Difference (Step 4)

The fourth step of Growth track is Make a Difference and is designed to better acquaint you with the story, vision, and mission of Journey Church. The greatest thing Jesus built was his church, and in this class we will learn how to better serve God, each other, and our community! If you wish to be a part of making a difference in your church and in your community Step 4 is designed to connect you with a specific team that fits your personality and passions. Make a Difference will be available the fourth Sunday of every month.