JKids provides a fun place for our school-age children to learn about God and apply His teachings to their lives. Kids ages 6-12 are invited to hang out in our JKids spaces during the weekend services. We also have special events throughout the year for our JKids attendees (and their friends!) to experience even more fun!

JKids is led by a team of amazing volunteers who love making an impact on the lives of children. Each campus has a team consisting of adult and youth workers that help make our JKids services possible. All volunteers are background checked before serving to ensure the safety of our children.


Each week, your child gets to participate in a church experience created with them in mind! We utilize a combination of both video, audio, and live elements in our weekly lessons, as well as games and small group time. JKids messages are created to keep the kids engaged, involved, and having a good time. Small groups allow us to split our kids up with our team leaders to have more in depth conversations, prayer, and fun activities to help reinforce the bible principles we are learning, as well as build lasting relationships.

Small Group time provides our teams the ability to develop better connections with our kids, as well as having more opportunity to discuss life application of the things we learn about.

Each month, a theme is created that all of our JKids messages center around. JKids classrooms will often be decorated to fit the theme, as well as all of our activities relating back to the month’s theme. Don’t be surprised to see our volunteers sporting silly ensembles themselves, as we love to push our themes as far as possible! Themes help us keep things fun, while creatively teaching the kids about God.


JKids services are held during each of weekend services at all campuses. Kids can be checked in up to 30 minutes before a service begins. During this time, we have lots of free-time activity options to keep your kids happy before service starts.

Additional JKids activity nights, as well as Family Fun Nights, are held throughout the year at each campus. These events are great ways for the whole family to get involved, as well as awesome opportunities to invite friends to check us out!


We will gladly answer any additional questions or concerns you may have! For additional information, contact your campus JKids Coordinator, or your campus pastor!