Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the service?

Our services are about an hour long. We believe there is something special about an hour. We have a lot that goes on during that time, so you’ll want to arrive a little bit early. grab some coffee, and settle in before we get started.

How should I dress?

Come as you are. People mainly wear jeans and T-shirts. During the summer, people may wear shorts and sandals. We treat our services as a get together with family and friends, and dress accordingly. Feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable wearing.

Where do I go? Park?

We have reserved parking for you if you are a guest. Once you enter the building, our hospitality team will help you find our nurseries, children’s areas, and assist in any way they can. Feel free to hit them up for information, that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

What about my kids?

If you have children ages birth-5th grade, we have nurseries and children’s ministries available. You can monitor your child in the nursery from the check-in station via closed circuit security cameras. A call system is in place should your child need you during service. Our nurseries and children’s areas are open 30 minutes prior to service, so you can come a little early and get situated. Your children aged 6-12 will find their Journey experience in Building B located at the northwest corner of our parking lot. Our hospitality team will be available to direct you to the appropriate check-in station. For more information click here.

What about my teens?

Check out Journey Youth (ages 12-18) on Wednesday nights at 7:00 in the main auditorium. We hang out, worship, and learn how to deal with being a teen. Doors open at 6:30.

Are there Sunday school classes for adults?

At Journey we believe that you can’t do life alone. We also believe that doing life with each other is easier and more fulfilling in smaller groups, and that “circles are better than rows.” Twice a year we have a connect group fair where various small groups are offered that typically meet in private homes throughout the week. The connect groups focus on a variety of different topics. In the past there have been groups for money management, married couples, singles, men’s groups, women’s groups, teen and young adult groups, Bible studies, etc… Whatever your interests, there is bound to be a connect group for you!