Connect Groups

One of our core values is that you can’t do life alone! We are big on small groups because we believe that there really isn’t a better way to connect than through small circle of close relationships. Our tool to help you start and grow relationships with others at the Journey are small groups of relationships called “Connect Groups.”

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(The online sign-up sheet is located below the informational videos for each campus. Happy Connect Group hunting!)




Relational  Connect Groups:

Relational connect groups are focused on beginning and deepening long-term relationships.  These groups meet at least three weeks per month and last anywhere from 12 to 18 months. This is a group of people that will walk through life with you, challenge you, and comfort you.

The groups meet in various homes.  The meeting generally consists of a meal, a discussion of the weekend message or other Biblical discussion, and prayer for one another. Relational connect groups begin twice each year, usually around January and September.

 Focused Connect Groups:

Focused groups are much shorter in nature and are generally focused on one topic such as parenting, marriage, finances, men specific, women specific, or maybe just basketball! They are a lot of fun and generally last between 6-16 weeks. You have the opportunity to connect with a focused group twice per year as well, usually somewhere around April and October. Need a different kind of church? We want to be that! Jesus with skin on!