The Wood Bank

As the saying goes, “If you don’t like Arkansas weather today, just wait. It will probably change tomorrow.” In the same way, you might be able to get by without heat today, but you’ll surely need it tomorrow!

Winter can be a very difficult time for people who need help getting firewood due to lack of finances, transportation, or physical strength.

For the past three winters, The Journey Wood Bank in Clarksville has been providing free wood to the elderly, single moms, and families in financial crisis. The wood bank, which is located at the church, has provided warmth for about 40 families to date.

The ministry is run by volunteers from the church, sometimes in partnership with the City of Clarksville or local businesses. People around Clarksville know that if they need a tree removed, they can call the church to retrieve it. In doing so, the church provides a service to the donors as well as the recipients. The church also keeps a list of landowners who will donate wood when the supply gets low.

Different teams of volunteers will cut, split and stack the wood. When needed, they will also deliver t. Every family has a story of need. For example, twice they have delivered wood to a family whose only vehicle is broken down, encouraging them to save their money for repairing their vehicle instead of buying wood.

The ministry has become well-known in our area by word of mouth and announcements on social media. It’s just one of the ways we serve people in our community, meeting their physical needs and sharing the love of Jesus. We want them to know they are SO worth it!