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80% is GREATER than 100% - things I never learned in school goo.gl/Gyvk8t

Latest blog by Pastor Steve: Babe Ruth & Jesus goo.gl/MpDeYg

goo.gl/rcW30j New blog post by Pastor Erik. Click to link to read more!

goo.gl/GfHCTF Getting Dardanelle Ready For Preview!

goo.gl/Dl36qN Journey At The Movies - coming in June!

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Are natural disasters - tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes “Acts of God”? ow.ly/wAEYB

ow.ly/i/5tHvA We are now in PHASE 2 of Tornado Relief. Please read how you can help here: goo.gl/Yv3X85

New Series Begins This Weekend! Join us Sat 6:30 PM, Sun 10 & 11:30 AM ow.ly/i/5rPiA