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Thanks for sticking around to find more information about Journey Church.  We are super excited that you are here.  By now you probably understand that we aren’t a normal church.  We aren’t trying to build a church, we are truly seeking to be the church.  We are a people whose lives are transformed through following Christ and becoming doers of the word.  We want our lives to be different, to be full of life and to share that life with others.  We want to learn to love God and each other and
then to share that love in tangible ways with our neighbors so the world becomes a
better place.  We think the church (we) should be the agents of that change.  

If this peaks your interest, if you want to be all that God has created you to be, so you can experience the life God created you to experience and accomplish all that God created you to accomplish then you are at the right place.  If you want your life to make a difference, you’ve found the right people to do life with.  Reach out to us through the communication form below and we’ll be in touch soon!  

We’ve been waiting for you!  

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