Who We Are

Vision Statement

To lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

We recognize that the church is not an organization or a building where people gather to
do religious things.  The church is a people called out, chosen, equipped and sent to represent
Christ in the world.  Because of this our vision is not to simply inform people about God,
but see people transformed into the image of God, so they will be all that they were created to be,
experience all they were created to experience and accomplish all that they were created to accomplish!  

Our vision is to become and produce Doers of the word and not Hearers only!

Our Core Values

Our Mission

To become all that God created us to be:  (Conformed to the image of Christ)
so that we can experience all that God created us to experience:
 (Life and life to the full), so that we could accomplish all that God created us to
accomplish: (your kingdom come and your will be one on earth as it is in heaven).

Following Jesus

What does it mean to follow Jesus? God loves you right where you are, but He loves you too much to leave you where you
are. Following Jesus means embracing a life of surrender to Him. It’s more than a one-time prayer or consistent church
attendance. It’s a gritty, heart-level posture that affects every area of life.  And there’s always a next step.
As we read through scripture we can’t help but notice a path that God most often leads His people down. It starts with
 knowing and loving Him and leads to knowing and loving people. We’re convinced following Jesus in an invitation to…

  • Know God
  • Grow in Freedom
  • Discover Purpose 
  • Go Make a Difference. 
Journey Church  is a group of people who are dedicated to help you identify 
and take your next step in the safety and freedom of community.

Know God

You were created to know God relationally. This is more than head knowledge. The incarnation and the cross show us the infinite lengths God is willing to go to have a close, intimate relationship with us. He doesn’t just love us. John 3:16 says “God so loved” us. Following Jesus means knowing and being known by a God who is wild about us.

Grow in Freedom

Following Jesus also means becoming more like Him. Your salvation and eternity are secure the moment you accept Jesus as your savior, but your sanctification (spiritual maturity) is a journey that doesn’t happen in isolation. Becoming more like Jesus means letting go
of your past and growing in freedom surrounded by a loving community.

Discover Purpose

God didn’t just save you from something, He saved you for something! You were created in the image of God with a unique purpose. Often the thing He saves you from is connected to the thing He wants to use you for. Purpose isn’t something we create or choose, it’s something we discover in the content of community. Discovering your kingdom purpose is a journey and we’re committed to help you every step of the way.

Make a Difference

Finally, following Jesus means going out into our world, loving our neighbor, and making a difference (this is what Jesus modeled for those who followed him). Followers of Jesus find great joy in giving generously, praying boldly, serving consistently and helping other people find and take their next step. What if more is possible? We believe the Church (God’s people) were always meant to be a movement, not a monument!  Not a building. Not a weekly meeting. A life giving, difference making movement. We invite you to come be a part.